About Me

I started to be seriously interested in photography from a young age and my first foray into the medium was a Saturday morning darkroom class at the Glasgow School of Art when I was a young teen.  From that point on I had the bug.  My ambition was to study Fine Art Photography at the renowned Art School so I applied and was accepted.  

I studied there in the late 1990's early 2000's in the days before digital photography took a foothold so I am trained in analogue first and foremost.  35mm, medium and large format cameras combined with darkroom production was the norm in those days and it was a much more measured way of working in the medium.

Of course the explosion and evolution of digital was ever present, so I decided to train at The Glasgow Metropolitan Collage to have some formal education in digital photography.  This two year course gave me a solid foundation in the technical elements of digital technique so I could progress into the world of freelancing.

My work is focused on fine art, documentary and travel photography.


Email  knmacinnes@hotmail.com

Based in Glasgow, Scotland

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